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5 Ways to Overcome Grammar Issues

Today, we can observe almost the total inability to write properly: from making the grossgrammatical mistakes to expressing meaningless phrases. The return of illiteracy hasbecome apparent thanks to social networks where it isn’t obligatory to follow some rules. Fortunately, universities are still trying to combat this trend and rightly demand that studentsconstantly improve their literacy level.

In this article, we will understand how to work on grammatical errors most effectively. We willalso tell why literacy is still important in the modern world, even if trends indicate theopposite.

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  Yigal Ben Efraim  —  Grammar Tips
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Why Literacy Matters

There are two basic reasons why you should work on your literacy and constantly improve it.

1. The Increased Likelihood of Getting Low Marks for Written Tasks

Professors do not like illiterate students. They consider them to be inattentive, negligent and just neglectful, who cannot make a decision and finally defeat their own mistakes. It is not a shame to make mistakes, because everyone makes them in the process of learning. But it is absolutely wrong not to analyze them and not to draw the right conclusions. For this reason, you can be sure - if you repeat the same mistake in your written work, the professor will notice and remember it sooner or later. And then, you will be provided with an understatement due to suffering literacy, even if all the content and structure of your work will be excellent.

2. The Risk of Not Getting the Desired Job

Sometimes, just one working letter can erase an important project, and even the entire career in the industry. Ignorance of the rules of the language and even just stylistic negligence immediately spoils the impression of a person in a business environment. When a potential applicant is inattentive, does not get into the essence of what is written, considers checking information as a waste of time, does it make sense to think about his specific professional qualities? In a global sense, such qualities as illiteracy, unwillingness to work on this problem lead to various kinds of disasters, and if we talk about yesterday's students, it may be worth the opportunity to get to the desired job.

How to Fight Grammar Mistakes in Your Writing

There are five basic ways that will help you to overcome grammar mistakes. All of them perfectly work separately from each other. But you will be sure to achieve the highest results only using all of them as a complex.

1. Read Books and Check the Dictionaries

Psychologists have long been studying the relationship between reading and writing. One of their conclusions speaks in favor of the fact that it is necessary to read. It is not enough to know the rules to write correctly. It is necessary to constantly accumulate images of words with traditional spellings. And this can be done only during the reading.

2. Read the News

Reading good classical literature is always helpful, but do not forget that the language is constantly changing. The most modern version of the English language can be seen in English-language newspapers and news. Hence the conclusion: if you want to equal the level of literacy with a native speaker, read the news. For example, such a portal as Medium will suit even those who have just started working on improving their literacy. And for students with an average level of knowledge, it is recommended to start reading the articles of the famous British newspaper The Times or the American edition of The Washington Post.

Newspapers are good for three reasons:

● The articles use the modern language, the text is written correctly, the sentences are built according to the modern rules of English.

Articles on various topics will help you not only hone your grammatical skills, but also increase vocabulary and broaden your horizons.

● Most texts are not too long, you only need to allocate about 30 minutes a day to work with the article.

3. Fill Knowledge Gaps

Identify your grammar gaps. For this, you can use various tests, for example, on or Make a list of problems that require additional study and begin to fill your gaps in knowledge according to the plan. If you make mistakes in the spelling of words, take a separate notebook and, as in elementary school, write this word until the whole page is filled. And do this with every problem word.

4. Use Your Subconscious Memory

Perhaps you already know the mistakes you make in the grammar, or you struggle with the same misuse again and again. In some cases, a tutor or teacher may point you in the right direction. But in any case, when you repeat the same action many times (note, it must be correct!), Then this action is imprinted in our subconscious. Even if you don’t work with grammar for a long time, your memory will still tell you the correct spelling at the right time.

5. Feel Free to Use Online Checkers

Of course, all of the above methods require constant and long-term work. However, it is unacceptable to allow yourself to get undervalued while you work on your mistakes. For example, you can use an essay editor to make sure to make it perfect. Such a service is completely different from such tools as Grammarly or Reverso. This essay corrector has in-build machine learning algorithms. In other words, your text is checked by a program, not by a person. Instead, dealing with essay proofreading service, you can be sure that your paper is under the supervision of a professional essay proofreader who has enough skills to access the literacy of your text from a position of a person, but not just a machine.

It is quite real to fight grammar issues in your writing. Of course, you are always free to ask somebody, “Edit my paper or correct my essay” but remember that knowledge is no burden.

Make sure to improve your literacy every day, and very soon you will not need essay editing service. Nevertheless, it is always near and ready to help you.

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