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available - correct spelling

available adjective
Example: We have some available funds for the investment....

avarice - vocabulary

avarice - noun
An unquenchable desire for riches; a miserly desire. By avarice and selfishness, and a groveling habit, from which none of us is free, of regarding the soil...

avenue - correct spelling

avenue noun
Example: She watched him stroll down the avenue....

aver - vocabulary

aver - verb
To assert or affirm with confidence; to declare in a preemptory or positive manner. In law, to allege something as a fact, often followed by a that clause, as in The plaintiff ave...

averse - vocabulary

averse - adjective
Strongly disinclined, a strong feeling of opposition, as in She was averse to taking the risk.Note: Often used with the negative not, as ...

awake, awaken, wake, waken

These words often trip up writers and speakers. All four of them have similar meanings, though some have usages the others cannot perform. Let’s start with some with unique features.Only wake can appear in expression...

Award vs. Reward

Award Award can be used as a noun or a verb. It means a prize or a grant ...

awful - correct spelling

awful adjective and adverb
Note: Some people object to the use of awful or awfully as adverbial intensifiers, but these forms appeared in the early 19th...

awhile - correct spelling

awhile adverb
Not a while (a noun form).See’s section on Problem Words. ...

awkward - correct spelling

awkward adjective
Example: The awkward teenager managed to survive the ordeal....

Axe vs. Ax

Axe vs. Ax They sound the same, they mean the same and they are also written almost the same. One single letter represents the only spelling difference. Is this all? Is the pair of words "axe" and "ax" just another common American/Brit...

axle - correct spelling

axle noun
Not axel.Example: The front axle on the car was defective....

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