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accustomed - correct spelling

accustomed adjective (a past participial adjective, from the verb accustom) and a verb
Example: I’ve grown ...

ache - correct spelling

ache noun and verb
Example: He fought off all the aches and pains. noun
Example: His...

achieve - correct spelling

achieve verb
Example: He achieved every goal he set for himself....

achievement - correct spelling

achievement noun
Example: Winning the PGA was the golfer’s greatest achievement....

acknowledge - correct spelling

acknowledge verb
Example: The candidate acknowledged the cheers of the crowd....

acquaintance - correct spelling

acquaintance noun
Not acquaintence or aquaintance.Example: In high school, she was a close acquaintance of mine....

acquainted - correct spelling

acquainted verb, past tense and past participle of acquaint, and adjective
Example: He ...

acquire - correct spelling

acquire verb
Not aquire.Example: He tried to acquire a controlling interest in the corporation....

acquit - correct spelling

acquit verb
Not aquit.Example: The jury will acquit the defendant if the prosecutor fails to introduce sufficient evidence....

acquitted - correct spelling

acquitted verb, past tense and past participle of the verb acquitExample: The jury acqui...

acronym, initialism

An acronym is a pronounceable name made up of a series of initial letters or parts of words; for example, UNESCO for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.An initialism, on the other hand, is simply a ...

across - correct spelling

across preposition, adverb, and adjective
Example: He traveled across the ocean. ...

action verb

An action verb denotes physical, mental, or even emotional activity. The word run is obviously an action verb. But so is think.Every action verb is either transitive or ...

Action Verbs

When Amber and Igor were grunting all those nouns that named people, animals, and things, they also noticed that people did things: Animals moved around, made noises, and ate stuff; and tangible things could move and affect other things. They noticed...

active voice

Every transitive verb can appear in one of two voices: the active voice or the passive voice
.In the active voice, the grammatical subject of the sentence is the actor. Thus, in the ...

acumen - vocabulary

acumen - noun
Quickness of intellectual insight, or discernment; keenness of judgment, insight, discrimination.Note: The older pronunciation stresses the second syllable. The mode...

Adapt vs. Adept vs. Apt vs. Adopt

Apt Apt is an adjective that describes the right situation for something or the person who is perfectly suitable for some situation. Apt can also be used to describe someone who is quick to learn. Apt sis derived from the Lati...

Addition vs. Edition

He bought a car in addition to the truck he got last week. ...

address - correct spelling

address verb and noun
Example: The politician will address the convention. verb
Example: ...

addressed - correct spelling

addressed verb
Example: The politician addressed the convention....

adduce - vocabulary

adduce - verb
To bring forward evidence in an argument; to cite as pertinent or even conclusive. As shown below, often used in legal proceedings: President Clinton, through undersigned cou...

adequate - correct spelling

adequate adjective
Example: She had adequate funds in her checking account....

adjectival clause

First, a clause is a group of words with a conjugated verb in it. Second, an adjectival clause is a clause that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun
. Note these adjectival claus...

Adjectival Clauses and Phrases

Restrictive vs. NonrestrictiveIf the adjectival clause or phrase is nonrestrictive, put commas around it. If the clause or phrase is restrictive, do not put commas around it. See the discussion of that vs. which...

adjectival phrase

First, a phrase is any multiword group without a conjugated verb
. Second, an adjectival phrase is a phrase that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun
. Usually, an adjectival phra...

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