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Adverbs - Definition, Overview, and Lists of Examples

WelcomeBelow you’ll find links to our discussion on adverbs. We recommend that you start with the first topic,Adverbs - More ...

Adverbs - Four Questions

Four questions typically arise about the correct use of adverbs:1. Do all adverbs end in -ly? 2. Where do we put adverbs in the sentence? 3. Where does the word only go in a sentence? 4. How do we form the comparative and su...

Adverbs - More Words That Describe

We’ve learned about verbs. Now let’s study those words or groups of words that describe or modify verbs. We call them adverbs. Sometimes they end in ‑ly, and sometimes they don’t.Just as adjectives modify nouns, adverbs modify verbs....

Adverbs - Phrases and Clauses

More Shouting SHOUTING time. Wake up! Again, learning this concept about chunks of words that act as nouns, adjectives, and now adverbs is crucial to your future as a writer.So here it is again, the key concept: Other...

Adverse or Averse

More significantly, he has shown that if such ageing cells are selectively destroyed, these adverse effects go away. ...

adverse, averse

Adverse means "antagonistic" and is easily seen as the base of the word adversary. Averse means "feeling disinclined" and implies a desire to avoid. The wo...

advertise - correct spelling

advertise verb
Example: We plan to advertise on the radio....

advertisement - correct spelling

advertisement noun
Example: He wrote an award-winning advertisement for a national radio audience....

advice - correct spelling

advice noun
Not advise (which is a verb)’s section on Problem Words discusses adviceand advise. Click here...

advice, advise

Advice is a noun that means “counsel” or “opinion.”Advise is a verb that means “to give advice or counsel.”Use thi...

advisable - correct spelling

advisable adjective
Example: This approach is neither necessary nor advisable....

advise - correct spelling

advise verb
Not advice (which is a noun
)’s section on Problem Words discusses adviseand advice. ...

Adviser vs. Advisor

Are you a student who needs academic guidance about your future studies? You will be advised to visit the academic adviser. Or is it adadvisor? Does it confuse you which advisor to go when you need counsel regarding your studies? Tod...

advisor - correct spelling

advisor noun
Example: Take this matter to your advisor....

aerial - correct spelling

aerial adjective
Example: The aerial satellite pictures showed the location of the lost campers....

Aesthetic vs. Ascetic

Aesthetic and acetic are not exactly homophones but their close resemblance to each other leads to a lot of confusion amon...

affect - correct spelling

affect verb and noun
Not effect (which is usually a noun, but sometimes a verb). For a discussion of affect vs. effect, read Chapter 8 in the section ...

affect, effect

These two words are discussed at length in the Common Grammatical Mistakes section of Click here for that discussion.Both words can be used as e...

affectionate - correct spelling

affectionate adjective
Example: His affectionate embrace alleviated her fears....

aficionado - correct spelling

aficionado noun
Plural aficionados.Example: John is a wine aficionado....

again - correct spelling

again adverb
Example: Try to use your DVD player again....

against - correct spelling

against preposition
Example: We were young and strong, we were runnin' Against the wind. —Bob Seger....

Ageing vs. Aging

Ageing vs. AgingConversion is one of the most important methods of word formation in English. The English vocab...

Agent Noun

While the topic might give you the impression that the article is about some grammatical crim...

aggrandize - vocabulary

aggrandizement - noun
Aggrandizement: the act of increasing the size or importance of something or somebody. aggrandize - verb
Aggrandize: to widen or increa...

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