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advise - correct spelling

advise verb
Not advice (which is a noun
)’s section on Problem Words discusses adviseand advice. ...

Adviser vs. Advisor

Are you a student who needs academic guidance about your future studies? You will be advised to visit the academic adviser. Or is it adadvisor? Does it confuse you which advisor to go when you need counsel regarding your studies? Tod...

advisor - correct spelling

advisor noun
Example: Take this matter to your advisor....

aerial - correct spelling

aerial adjective
Example: The aerial satellite pictures showed the location of the lost campers....

Aesthetic vs. Ascetic

Aesthetic and acetic are not exactly homophones but their close resemblance to each other leads to a lot of confusion amon...

affect - correct spelling

affect verb and noun
Not effect (which is usually a noun, but sometimes a verb). For a discussion of affect vs. effect, read Chapter 8 in the section ...

affect, effect

These two words are discussed at length in the Common Grammatical Mistakes section of Click here for that discussion.Both words can be used as e...

affectionate - correct spelling

affectionate adjective
Example: His affectionate embrace alleviated her fears....

aficionado - correct spelling

aficionado noun
Plural aficionados.Example: John is a wine aficionado....

again - correct spelling

again adverb
Example: Try to use your DVD player again....

against - correct spelling

against preposition
Example: We were young and strong, we were runnin' Against the wind. —Bob Seger....

Ageing vs. Aging

Ageing vs. AgingConversion is one of the most important methods of word formation in English. The English vocab...

Agent Noun

While the topic might give you the impression that the article is about some grammatical crim...

aggrandize - vocabulary

aggrandizement - noun
Aggrandizement: the act of increasing the size or importance of something or somebody. aggrandize - verb
Aggrandize: to widen or increa...

aggravate - correct spelling

aggravate verb
Example: Your constant exercise will aggravate your injury....

aggressive - correct spelling

aggressive adjective
Example: Her aggressive attitude helped her succeed in sales....


Watch out. Those who diminish our language have turned the intransitive verb agree into a transitive verb
. R...

agree - correct spelling

agree verb
Example: A subject must agree with its verb in number

Aid vs. Aide

Content about Aid vs. Aide has been temporarily removed......

aide, aid

The word aid is a verb that means “help.” We should note that aid may also be used as a noun in the same way that “help” can be us...

ail - correct spelling

ail verb
Example: He will ail with this sickness....

air - correct spelling

air noun and verb
Example: He wanted to clear the air. noun
Example: He was able to ...

Air vs. Heir

Homophones in English are the words that have the same pronunciation but very different meanings and spellings. Air and heir are an example of a pair of homophones and cause a lot of confusion for beginners of English language an...

aisle - correct spelling

aisle noun
Example: After years of dating, he was ready to walk down the aisle....

Aisle vs. Isle

Aisle and isle are one of the most confusing pair of words as they sound exactly alike and their spellings are almost similar too. There is however, a great difference between ...

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