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Apostrophes Form Contractions

Use the apostrophe to form contractions. Though contractions rarely show up in formal writing, a well-placed one now and then can have a positive effect. I use them all the time (you've probably noticed): can't won't ...

apparatus - correct spelling

apparatus noun
Plural, either apparatus or apparatuses.Example: The apparatus of government in that country has totally br...

apparent - correct spelling

apparent adjective
Example: She was fired for no apparent reason....

appear - correct spelling

appear verb
Example: A new flu strain will appear next winter....

appearance - correct spelling

appearance noun
Example: The attorney plans to make an appearance in the case....

appetite - correct spelling

appetite noun
Example: The escargot should whet your appetite....

application - correct spelling

application noun
Example: She submitted her application to college....

apply - correct spelling

apply verb
Example: She must apply for a college loan....

apposite - vocabulary

apposite - adjective
Appropriate, well-suited, apt, relevant, suitable. The opposite is inapposite, often used by lawyers to put down opponents’ arguments. Like most writers,...


In English grammar two words can be in apposition with each other. Did you get it? If not, ke...


An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that defines or restates another noun (or pronoun). Generally, the appositive follows the word it defines, as in My friend, Susan...


Did you just recently hear about appositives and now desperately want to know what they are and how they fun...

Appraise vs. Apprise

Keep me apprised...

appraise, apprise

Appraise means “to evaluate or estimate the value of something.”Apprise means “to give notice” or “to inform.”Example: After he appraised the house,...

appreciate - correct spelling

appreciate verb
Example: Surely you can appreciate the gravity of the situation.Example: The art collection will ...

appreciation - correct spelling

appreciation noun
Example: The letter expressed her appreciation....

approach - correct spelling

approach verb and noun
Example: This approach will solve the problem. noun
Example: ...

Approach vs. Reproach

Approach ...

approbation - vocabulary

approbation - noun
Approval, commendation, official sanction. Superstars strive for approbation; heroes walk alone. Superstars crave consensus; heroes define themselves by...

appropriate - correct spelling

appropriate adjective and verb
Example: A blue suit is appropriate dress for the interview. adjective...

approval - correct spelling

approval noun
Example: She sought her boss’s approval for the new ad campaign....

approve - correct spelling

approve verb
Example: The CEO will approve the proposed new product....

approximate - correct spelling

approximate adjective and verb
Example: She gave an approximate date for completion of the project. ad...

apt, likely, liable

Writers often use apt, likely, and liable interchangeably in constructions, especially with infinitives
: ...

arctic - correct spelling

arctic noun (capitalized when referring to regions of the North Pole) and adjective
Example: We expect an arctic winter. ...

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