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criticism - correct spelling

criticism noun
Example: He does not respond well to criticism, no matter how justified....

criticize - correct spelling

criticize verb
Example: The teacher will criticize your work and suggest ways to improve....


Until the middle of the 1900s, the word critique served as a noun
. But as the verb criticize began to have negative connotations, the word ...

crystal - correct spelling

crystal noun and adjective
Example: He served the pinot noir in his finest crystal. noun...

Cue vs. Queue

Cue” and “queue” are one of the problematic English words, especially for inexperienced users. The confusion is owed, obviously, to the amazing similarity between their pronunciation. If you don’t see these words written, you can hear “cue” and “queu...

culpable - vocabulary

culpable - adjective
Guilty, deserving blame or censure, blameworthy. "You were a full participant, and you were at least equally culpable with every other man sentenced in this case,...

curiosity - correct spelling

curiosity noun
Example: Curiosity killed the cat....

Curmudgeon or Smart Aleck: Which Would You Rather Be?

Would you rather be a “curmudgeon” or a “smart aleck”?  Although these words are usual...

Currant vs. Current

Content about Currant vs. Current has been temporarily removed......

Current vs. Currant

Homophones can be confusing, and in their misuse, hilarity sometimes ensues. If you write that someone was swept away by the currant and you aren’t relating a cautionary tale of dru...

currently, presently

These words are often used to describe an action that is occurring now, at this moment in time.The word presently has come to be used more frequently to describe an action that is just about to happen rather than one...

cursory - vocabulary

cursory - adjective
Rapid and superficial, hasty without noticing details, not thorough. "In India, there is the priestly caste . . . ," "The Arunta, an aboriginal tribe from central Australia . . . ,...

cylinder - correct spelling

cylinder noun
Example: In the geometry class, the teacher explained the shape of the cylinder....

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