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captious - vocabulary

captious - adjective
One who finds fault, is difficult to please; designed to perplex or confuse, as in captious questions. Pat Oliphant's cartoon is notable because of the c...

Caramel vs. Carmel

Content about Caramel vs. Carmel has been temporarily removed......

carburetor - correct spelling

Example: The carburetor in the car was clogged....

career - correct spelling

Example: She sought a career in medicine....

Career vs. Carrier

Carrier Carrier is pronounced as “kae-ri-year.” The ‘kae’ sound is same a...

careful - correct spelling

Example: Be careful when you cross the street....

careless - correct spelling

Example: He was careless with the company’s money....

Caribbean - correct spelling

Caribbeannoun and adjective
Example: He celebrated his 60th birthday in the Caribbean. noun...

caricature - vocabulary

caricature - noun
A picture or depiction that ludicrously exaggerates the features or defects of persons or things. The most perfect caricature is that which, on a small s...

carriage - correct spelling

Example: They rode in a horse-drawn carriage in their wedding ceremony....

carrying - correct spelling

carryingverb (present participle of the verb carry) and adjective
Example: The thief was ...

cartilage - correct spelling

Example: He tore the cartilage in his knee....


We have seven kinds of pronouns in the English language (personal pronouns, reflexive and intensive pronouns, relative pron...

Case - Subjective, Objective, Possessive

Pronoun Case - Watch OutRemember the section on nouns? Remember those nuggets of information we tucked away for the future? Remember those paragraphs mentioning the case of pronouns? Well, the future is now.1. Pronoun...

Case of Pronouns - The Rule

In formal settings, you must follow the rules governing the case of pronouns.If your sentence calls for the subjective case, you must use I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they (see the subjective-case columns in the two...

Cash vs. Cache

English is a complicated language. There are some words in English that sound exactly the same but have different spellings and meanings. These words are called homophones and they are a cause of confusion for many young learners...

castigate - vocabulary

castigate - verb
To criticize harshly; to punish for the purpose of correcting; to reprimand severely. How can you support a policy of racial preferences and then attack one of its suppose...

castle - correct spelling

castlenoun and verb
Example: He’s the king of the castle. noun
Example: The ...

Casual vs. Causal


Catalog vs. Catalogue

English is a language used in various countries and those countries have made modifications to the language according to their own requirements. Those modifications include changing spellings of numerous words including the pair we will be discussing...

Cataphoric Reference

Cataphorism is a grammatical expression that refers to a word or a phrase that links to anoth...

category - correct spelling

Example: This category of plants likes the shade....

Causative Verb

Causative verb is a grammatical expression that represents a verb that is causing something t...

Cavalry vs. Calvary

The similarity between the spellings of “cavalry” and “calvary” can easily confuse you, especially because none of these words is frequently used nowadays, so the contexts aren’t very helpful in identifying the meanings of these words and the correct...

ceiling - correct spelling

Example: The women ignored the so-called glass ceiling and moved resolutely to the top....

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