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grateful - correct spelling

grateful adjective
Example: We are grateful for your help with our new computer system....

Gray vs. Grey

Which is correct, Grey or Gray? What is the difference? These common questions, which many writer, and indeed readers ask, have never been fully answered. The quick answer is simple. There is no difference and both are correct. They are even...

great - correct spelling

great adjective
Example: The great actor played the leading role....

Great vs. Grate

The fact that when we pronounce "great" and "grate" we hear quite the same thing does not mean that they also mean the same thing. Yes, they have very similar spellings and yes, they are pronounced almost identically. But the definitions that each wo...

gregarious - vocabulary

Fond of the company of others, sociable; pertaining to animals, living in herds or flocks. New York is the greatest city in the world for lunch .... That’s the gregarious time...

grievance - correct spelling

grievance noun
Example: We lodged our grievance with the customer-relations department....

grievous - correct spelling

grievous adjective
Not grievious.Example: He inflicted grievous harm on the investors....

Grill vs. Grille

Grill” and “grille” represent one of the most frequently misspelled pair of English words. They sound and look extremely similar, and a lot of English users decide not to add that last “-e” anymore, or, contrary, to add it, right when it’s not necess...

Grizzly vs. Grisly

Grisly and grizzly both have different meanings and spellings but they sound exactly same. These types of words are known as homophones and they cause a lot of confusion among native and new English learners alike. Grizzly and gr...

grizzly, grisly

The word grizzly means “grayish” or “relating to a large brown bear.”The word grisly mean “ghastly or horrible.”Don’t confuse the two.Example: The gr...

grizzly, grisly - vocabulary

Grizzly: grayish; also, as a noun, a large bear.Grisly: causing a feeling of horror; gruesome; horrible, as in a grisly murd...

grocery - correct spelling

grocery noun
Example: He went to the grocery to buy some milk.Example: She went to the store to buy some ...

gross - correct spelling

gross noun, adjective, and verb
Example: He ordered a gross of oysters. noun...

Gross vs. Net

Content about Gross vs. Net has been temporarily removed......

group noun

 See collective noun

Group Nouns - Singular or Plural

Committee Do or Committee Does? Finally, some nouns that look singular might be treated as plural. Words such as group, team, majority, and many others are called collective no...

Group Nouns - “majority do” or “majority does”?

Another problem of subject-verb disagreement arises when the subject of the sentence is a group noun, also called a collective noun, that is, a word describing a bunch of people or things, such as group, team, majority, and...

Groups of Words Acting as Nouns

I realize that you are glued to this website, riveted by the compelling material and scintillating presentation. But just in case your attention is wandering a bit, LET ME SHOUT AT YOU AND WAKE YOU UP BECAUSE I’M ABOUT TO SAY SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT...

grow, grow the economy

The verb grow is typically intransitive because it describes a process undergone by the subject. Thus: The business grew rapidly....

guarantee - correct spelling

guarantee noun and verb
Example: Money is no guarantee of happiness, but it helps. noun

Guarantee vs. Guaranty

When you see the pair of words "guarantee" and "guaranty", do you think they are confused or misspelled? Are they both correct and accepted for the same meaning, or are they completely different regarding the message they transmit?Let's see w...

guardian - correct spelling

guardian noun and adjective
Example: The child’s guardian provided all his support. noun...

guerrilla - correct spelling

guerrilla noun
Example: The guerrilla hid in the bushes until the military trucks passed. noun
Example: ...

guess - correct spelling

guess verb and noun
Example: We can only guess at the final outcome. verb
Example: H...

guidance - correct spelling

guidance noun
Example: She sought the accountant’s guidance on her investments....

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