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healthy - correct spelling

healthy - adjective’s section on Problem Words discusses healthy and healthful. Click here for that discussion....

hear - correct spelling

hear - verb
Not here
.Example: He will usually hear only what he wants to ...

heard - correct spelling

heard - verb (past tense and past participle of the verb hear)  Example: We have he...

heavy - correct spelling

heavy - adjective
Example: The heavy equipment arrived at the construction site....

height - correct spelling

height - noun
Not heighth.Note: Pronounce this word with a hard ending “t” sound, not a “th” sound.See Problem Words for a discussion of ...

height, heighth

The proper spelling, of course, is height. Yet because many people improperly pronounce the word with an ending ‑th, you’ll sometimes see the word heighth. In the Richm...

heinous - correct spelling

heinous - adjective
Example: The heinous crime against the child brought cries for legal reform....

heinous - vocabulary

Odious, hateful, totally reprehensible. If you commit a big crime then you are crazy, and the more heinous the crime the crazier you must be. Therefore you are not responsible...

heir - correct spelling

heir - noun
Example: As the sole heir to the fortune, the young son assumed control of the company....

helping verb

A helping verb is an auxiliary verb.For a brief discussion, see auxiliary verb
.For a thorough discussion, consult the section on Verbs in Parts of Speech on ...

hemorrhage - correct spelling

hemorrhage - noun and verb
Example: The sudden hemorrhage surprised the surgeons. noun...

here - correct spelling

here - adverb, noun, and adjective
Not hear
.Example: Please put your drink ...

heroes - correct spelling

heroes - noun (plural of the noun hero)  Example: His heroes motivated him to excel....

heroine - correct spelling

heroine - noun
Example: The heroine of the movie rescued the small children....

hesitancy - correct spelling

hesitancy - noun
Example: Without any hesitancy, the father jumped in front of the car to save his children....

hideous - correct spelling

hideous - adjective
Example: His hideous behavior ensured his isolation from the town....

himself - correct spelling

himself - reflexive pronoun and intensive pronoun
Not hisself.Example: He hurt himsel...

hindrance - correct spelling

hindrance - noun
Example: He viewed the project as a hindrance that would waste corporate resources. ...

Historic vs. Historical

The words historical and historic were synonymous t...

historical, historic

There are significant differences between these two words, and savvy writers should know them.The word historic refers to something that is historically significant. A building might be historic...

Hoard vs. Horde

Grandfather has a hoard of old gold coins which he like to brag about to a horde of people. ...

hoarse - correct spelling

hoarse - adjective
Example: The speaker’s hoarse voice caused him to forget his well-rehearsed lines....

holiday - correct spelling

holiday - noun
Example: The young couple enjoyed their holiday at the beach....


Pronounce this word with a strong h. To pronounce it ah-mage reveals a speaker’s lack of knowledge....

homepage - correct spelling

homepage - noun
Here’s a usage note from
. The transition from World Wide Web site to Web site to ...

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