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Mr. Strunk and Mr. White in The Elements of Style urge writers to avoid starting a sentence with “However.” It’s not a grammatical mistake to start a sentence with However. It’s just that g...

humorous - correct spelling

humorous - adjective
Example: The humorous play delighted the audience....

Humour vs. Humor

Humor me! Or, Humour me? This amusing word has two alternative spellings which are most widely used in the English language and guess what? Both of them are correct. Humor without the ...

hurried - correct spelling

hurried - adjective and verb (past tense and past participle of the verb hurry)  Example: The ...

hurrying - correct spelling

hurrying - verb (present participle of the verb hurry)  Example: She will be hurrying over to our h...

hygiene - correct spelling

hygiene - noun
Example: His personal hygiene left a lot to be desired....

Hyper vs. Hypo

Content about Hyper vs. Hypo has been temporarily removed......


Punctuation is the basic element of English grammar and without it a sentence is not only incomplete but als...

Hyphens and Compound Adjectives

Introduction to the Complicated Topic of Hyphenating Phrasal AdjectivesSome general observations should help you understand the principles behind the rule on hyphenating compound adjectives and therefore increase the likeliho...

Hyphens and Compound Nouns

Most Not HyphenatedMost compound nouns are not hyphenated: master builder fellow employee attorney general Complete WordsOthers have migrated and be...

Hyphens and Compound Words

IntroductionIn chapter 3 of the eBook Understanding the Parts of Speech, you’ll learn about compound adjectives, those multiword, often made-up ...

hypocrisy - correct spelling

hypocrisy - noun
Example: The hypocrisy of the preacher became evident to all when the scandal broke....

hypocrite - correct spelling

hypocrite - noun
Example: The hypocrite gave speeches about morality right before he started accepting bribes....

Hypothesis vs. Prediction

In our daily life, we are constantly using hypotheses and predictions to make logical, factual decisions. Although both Hypotheses and Predictions are types of...

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