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possession - correct spelling

possession - noun
Example: He sold his last possession and moved to the beach....

possessive - correct spelling

possessive - adjective and noun
Example: He was overly possessive, so she left. adjective...

possessive case

The personal pronouns (and the relative or interrogative pronoun who) exhibit case
. The case of a pronoun reveals how th...

Possessive pronouns vs. Possessive adjectives

Possessive The word possessive itself...


One of the distinctive features of the noun is its ability to own something, to possess something. We show this act of possession by adding a possessive ending, typically an “apostrophe ‑s” (Fred's report) to a ...

Possessives of Nouns

Words are also characterized as nouns by their ability to form possessives. Again, some pronouns have this ability as well (other, other’s). So before we explore the main functions of nouns, let’s pause to address an issue that spar...

possibility - correct spelling

possibility - noun
Example: He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole....

possible - correct spelling

possible - adjective
Example: Lying was a possible response, but she decided to tell the truth....

potato - correct spelling

potato - noun
Example: The baked potato came with sour cream....

potatoes - correct spelling

potatoes - noun (plural of the noun potato)  Example: He grew corn, beans, and potatoes....

Pour vs. Pour

Take a look at the above two sentences. One of them is not correct. Can you identify which one? Pore...

practical - correct spelling

practical - adjective
Example: Let’s take a practical approach and ignore all those theories....

practically - correct spelling

practically - adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here

Practice vs. Practise

With "practice" and "practise" being distinct due to only one letter, you might be tempted to think it's the same situation as in the case of "device" and "devise". More exactly, that this different spelling shows that one is the noun and the other i...

prairie - correct spelling

prairie - noun
Example: The cowboy felt at home on the prairie....

pray, prey

To pray means "to meditate or communicate with God."As a verb, prey means “to hunt.” As a noun, prey...

precarious - vocabulary

Dependent on circumstances beyond one’s control; lacking in stability or security; subject to change; based on unproved premises; perilous. A politician never forgets the precarious...

precede - correct spelling

precede - verb
Not preceed.Example: The best man will precede the groom in the procession....

precedence - correct spelling

precedence - noun’s section on Problem Words discusses precedence and precedent. Click here for that discussio...

precedence, precedent, precedential - vocabulary

Precedence: the fact or act of preceding, as in The first patent application receives precedence in Europe; priority in place, time, or rank because of superiority, as in The company relied on its prec...

precedent, precedence

The meaning of the word precedent in law—a judicial decision that sets a rule—is very close to the common usage of the word: an “example” or “custom resulting from long practice.” A lawyer might find several prec...

preceding - correct spelling

preceding - adjective and verb (present participle of the verb precede)  Not preceeding.Example: He looked at the footnote ...

precise - correct spelling

precise - adjective
Example: The architect studied the precise measurements of the room....

preclude - vocabulary

To prevent the occurrence or existence of something; to exclude from something. Anyone who has breast-fed knows two things for sure: The baby wants to be fed at the most inopportune times, in the most i...

precocious - vocabulary

Unusually mature or advanced in development, especially in mental aptitude; usually in reference to children. What might be taken for a precocious genius is the genius of chil...

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