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recluse - vocabulary

One who lives in seclusion, often for religious meditation.Note: The adjective form is either recluse or reclusive. Henry David Thorea...

recognize - correct spelling

recognize - verb
Example: She failed to recognize him at first.Example: The company will ...

Recognize vs. Recognise

Recognize and recognise are the two spellings of the same word that are both acceptable and exchangeable but one spellings are more commonly used in one part of the world while the ...

recommend - correct spelling

recommend - verb
Example: I want to recommend a good book on grammar....

recuperate - correct spelling

recuperate - verb
Example: She went to the beach to recuperate....

redolent - vocabulary

Smelling sweet and agreeable; also, suggestive or reminiscent.Note: The word redolent is often followed by the preposition of. They are very proper f...

redoubtable - vocabulary

Arousing awe or fear, formidable; commanding respect or reverence. In "Otto Preminger: The Man Who Would Be King," Brooklyn College film historian Foster Hirsch weaves interviews with industry...

reek, wreak

Reek means “to smell” or “to smoke.”Wreak means “to bring about,” “to cause,” or “to inflict.”The past tense and ...

reference - correct spelling

reference - noun and verb
Example: He will serve as my personal reference. noun

referred - correct spelling

referred - verb (past tense and past participle of the verb refer)  Not refered.Example: Sh...

referring - correct spelling

referring - verb (present participle of the verb refer)  Not refering.Example: The speaker was ...

reflexive pronoun

These are the ‑self words, as in myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, themselves. They are called reflexive and intensive pronouns and are used in two ways: (1) to...

refrigerator - correct spelling

refrigerator - noun
Not refridgerator.Example: Our grandchildren’s pictures adorn our refrigerator....

regale - vocabulary

To entertain agreeably or lavishly, with food or drink; delight.Note: The word regale also acts as a noun, as in steaks were grilled for the regale of the guest...

regular verb

Verbs have four principal parts: (1) the infinitive, (2) the past, (3) the past participle, and (4) the present participle
. A re...

rehearsal - correct spelling

rehearsal - noun
Example: At the orchestra’s rehearsal, the flute player fainted....

reign - correct spelling

reign - noun and verb
Example: During his first reign, the king expanded his territory. noun...

reign, rein, rain

To reign means “to rule.”A rein keeps your horse attached to the hitching post.Raindrops keep falling on your head.Example: He tugg...

Rejected vs. Dejected

Rejected Rejected is the past tense and pas...

relative pronoun

We have five relative pronouns in the English language: that, which, who (whoever), whom (whomever), and whose. Note that the personal relative pronouns (who, whom, whose) exhibit ...

relegate - vocabulary

To send off or consign to an inferior position or remote destination; to assign or commit a task to a person; to banish or exile. Children need people in order to become human . . . . It is primarily th...

relevant - correct spelling

relevant - adjective
Example: He used Google® to find relevant information....

relieve - correct spelling

relieve - verb
Example: The relief pitcher will relieve him in the next inning....

relieving - correct spelling

relieving - verb (present participle of the verb relieve)  Example: We will be relieving our friend...

religious - correct spelling

religious - adjective and noun
Example: The religious man was shocked at the scenes in the movie. ...

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