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respite - vocabulary

Interval of rest; a delay or cessation of anything trying or distressing. Whatever choice Elizabeth Bouvia may ultimately make, I can only hope that her courage, persistence and example will cause our s...

resplendent - vocabulary

Very bright, shining brightly, gleaming, splendid, as in the dancers resplendent in their native costumes. In the luxuriance of a bowl of grapes set out in ritual display, in a bottle...

responsibility - correct spelling

Example: He took full responsibility for the actions of his staff....

restaurant - correct spelling

Example: The Italian restaurant featured the most wonderful pasta....

Restrict vs. Constrict

Overview Just to give a general idea, let us understand the basic meaning with an example....

restrictive clause

A restrictive clause is also called a defining clause. The great grammarian Henry Fowler coined the term defining clause. A restrictive clause looks to the noun (or pronoun
) modified and si...

Restrictive vs. Non-restrictive adjective clauses

Restrictive clause Restrictive clauses include information that are essential for the purpose of the sentence. Without these...

Retch vs. Wretch

The English language doesn’t seem to be lacking in synonyms for the verb “vomit.” We have “upchuck,” “puke,” “hurl,” “heave,” and “retch,” to name a few. So do we really need to add another one, even if only as an alternate spell...

reticence, reticent - vocabulary

Reticence: the quality of habitually keeping silent or being reserved in utterance.adjective
Reticent: disposed to be silent or reserved. Ted ha...

retroactive - vocabulary

Operative on, affecting, or having reference to past events, transactions, responsibilities; pertaining to a pay raise effective in the past. In June, the Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the do...

retrospective - vocabulary

An exhibition of art or performance of works produced by an artist or composer over time.adjective
Directed to past events or situations; looking backward, looking back on. ...

Revenge vs. Avenge

Avenge Avenge is a verb that has its roots from the Latin vindicare. It means to c...

revile - vocabulary

To address or speak of with abuse; vilify, berate, disparage. You shall not revile God, or curse a leader of your people. —Exodus 22:28Old Testament...

rheumatism - correct spelling

Example: His rheumatism acts up when the weather changes....

rhythm - correct spelling

Example: My friend can’t dance. He has no rhythm....

rhythmical - correct spelling

Example: The rhythmical motions of the dancers entranced the audience....

ridiculous - correct spelling

Example: This ridiculous proposal has no chance of success....

rife - vocabulary

Of frequent or common occurrence; in widespread existence, prevalent, use, or activity; abundant, numerous, plentiful. I love to see that Nature is so rife with life that myri...

Rifle vs. Riffle


right - correct spelling

adjective, noun, adverb, and verb’s section on Problem Words discusses right, write, and rite. ...

right, write, rite

To be right means to be “correct” or “appropriate.”To write means “to form letters or words on a surface with an instrument such as a pen, pencil, or computer screen.”A r...

rise, raise, rear

All these words can be used to describe the movement of something from a lower to a higher level. The key to choosing one is: who is doing the movement and what is being moved.Rise is used when you are lifting yourse...

role - correct spelling

Not roll
.Example: He knows the role he must play....

roll - correct spelling

verb and noun
Not role
Example: The wagon will roll down the hill. v...

roommate - correct spelling

Example: Her roommate was neat and tidy....

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