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Check out vs Checkout

Check out and checkout seem to be one word, but one of them is a verb (phrasal) and other is used as a noun. In this article, we will explore both the words and their correct usage with examples.

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  Ramya Shankar  —  Grammar Tips
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Check out

Check out is a phrasal verb of the word check, which has 2 meanings:

  • to look at someone/something
  • to sign for something (like a will)

You can also add a noun or pronoun between the words, like ‘check this out’, ‘check the items out’ etc.

Example usage:

Sometimes, check out is used with a hyphen i.e. check-out. This is not a very correct usage and should be avoided.


Checkout is used as a noun or adjective. It is used to indicate a departure from a place, like a line at the grocery store, or a hotel. Examples:

The main point to remember is the part of the speech of each word:

Check out vs Checkout

  • checkout – noun/adjective
  • check out – verb

Read the below sentences carefully:

  • We will check out from the hotel at 12pm.
  • The checkout time at the hotel is 12pm.

The meanings are same; however, the describing word is different. In the first sentence, check out is a verb i.e. the action in the sentence is ‘checking out’. However, the second sentence has modal verb ‘is’, and there is no other verb. It is a general statement and not particularly referring to any action.

Another example,

Remember to use check out with the space when checking out is the action, else use checkout without the spaces.

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