3. Subordinating Conjunctions

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Starting Dependent Clauses

The third and final type of conjunction introduces subordinate clauses. We have a rather long list of these words, called subordinating conjunctions. Notice our friend, the word that. As a subordinating conjunction, it introduces a noun clause, as in He said that he would come. Here it acts as a subordinating conjunction, not as a relative pronoun and not as a demonstrative pronoun.
Subordinating Conjunctions Subordinating Conjunctions Subordinating Conjunctions
after how unless
although if until
as in order that what
as far as provided that whatever
as if since when
as long as so (that) whenever
as though that where
because though wherever
before till while

Each of these words introduces a subordinate clause, which can act as a subject, object, adjective, or adverb. Take a look:
Clause Function Example
That he won the award subject That he won the award surprised us.
that she would win direct object She said that she would win.
where she lives adjective Let’s meet on the street where she lives.
whenever the bell rings adverb The rat reacts whenever the bell rings.

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