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abject - adjective

Sunk to a low condition, miserable, degraded, without self-respect, of the lowest kind.

Note: Often used in the cliché, abject poverty, where abject serves only as an intensifier.
I do not think that an old fellow like me need have been sitting here to try and prevent your entertaining abject notions of yourselves, and talking of yourselves in an abject and ignoble way: but to prevent there being by chance among you any such young men as, after recognising their kindred to the Gods, and their bondage in these chains of the body and its manifold necessities, should desire to cast them off as burdens too grievous to be borne, and depart to their true kindred. This is the struggle in which your Master and Teacher, were he worthy of the name, should be engaged.

—Epictetus The Golden Sayings of Epictetus
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