Agent Noun

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While the topic might give you the impression that the article is about some grammatical crime scene, it is not the case. We usually associate agent with some mafia or CIA that has super abilities of detecting and combating evil. An agent noun is something very different.

In today’s article, I will be discussing about agent noun, its meaning with examples and usage.

Agent Noun:

The term agent in English grammar refers to someone who is doing something or is making an action. The doer or action maker is called an agent and so ultimately agent noun is a person that is doing something in the sentence.

Remember that a grammatical agent is always a noun.


Sara is sleeping.

In this simple sentence, Sara is the agent noun because she is doing the action i.e. sleeping.

In English grammar, different actions are represented by their respected agent nouns.


Action: Study
Agent noun: Student

Action: Read
Agent noun: Reader

Action: prosecute
Agent noun: Prosecutor

Recipient Noun:

The recipient noun alternatively is a noun or a person that is receiving the action of the agent noun.


The employer fired his employee.

In the above example, the employer is the agent noun because he is doing the action of firing the employee. As the employee is being fired, he is the recipient noun.