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In English grammar two words can be in apposition with each other. Did you get it? If not, keep reading because in this article I will be discussing about the term apposition and its grammatical meaning.


When two or more words in a single sentence represent the same thing or refer to the same person, they are said to be in apposition. The words or grammatical units can either be nouns or adjectives.


His wife, the queen is not easily impressed.

In the above example two noun phrases his wife and the queen both refer to the same person in the sentence, thus they are both said to be in apposition.

For two grammatical units to be in apposition, they must be used as the same part of the sentence i.e. subject or object.

Notice that both the grammatical units are used as the subject of the sentence.


He hated their pet dog, Peter.

In the above example, pet dog and Peter are both serving as the object of the sentence and refer to the same thing, thus they are in apposition.