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augur - verb

Note: Used as either a transitive verb (where the verb requires an object) or an intransitive verb (where the verb does not require an object). Also note the spelling. The noun auger is a drill.

Augur (transitive): to divine, predict, or prognosticate an occurrence, as in Increased exports augured a decline in the trade deficit.

Augur (intransitive): to bode or to be a sign, as in The approaching storm augured ill for those living along the bank of the already flooded river.
The strong opening weekend for Spider-Man 3 may augur well for a season in which more than a dozen big-budget sequels are set to come barreling forth, promising what some experts say could be a record-breaking summer for the movie industry.

—“Spider-Man 3 Box Office Bodes Well for Summer” New York Times, May 7, 2007
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