Career vs. Carrier

  ramyashankar  —  Grammar Tips


Carrier is pronounced as “kae-ri-year.” The ‘kae’ sound is same as ‘ca’ sound in cat or the ‘ca’ sound in carrot.

It is a noun that can refer to something or someone that carries or conveys object, information or persons. Think of the word as a person or thing ‘to carry’.

Examples –

·         The baby carrier is available on Amazon for $100.

·         Reliance Jio is India’s leading telecom carrier.

·         Bring some plastic carriers (bags) with you.

·         The aircraft carrier was sent with tons of gold.


One of the most important words in everyone’s life, career is pronounced as ku-ree-year. Think of the ‘ku’ sound to be similar to ‘bu’ in bun or ‘fu’ in fun.

The word career originated from the latin ‘carrus’ meaning ‘wheeled vehicle’. You can think of it as a vehicle that is steered in a particular direction. That leads us to the modern definition of career as ‘a person’s journey of learning, job and other aspects of their life’ – in other words – a profession that can help you grow.

Career means to take up a profession or occupation where there are opportunities to move up the ladder. For example,

·         My daughter wants to pursue a career in modelling. (an occupation or profession)

·         She is a bold, career-oriented woman. (focuses on working than being at home)

·         Mr. Joe is a career politician. (a full-time, committed)

Career also acts as a verb which means to move in an uncontrolled manner. Some synonyms are rush, race or dash. Examples –

·         The car careered through the narrow streets honking on the children playing near the road.


In full career – meaning in full speed. “During the skit, the characters changed their costumes in full career.”

Make a career out of – do something so often that you are tagged for it. “Are you going to make a career out of making silly jokes?”

Hope the article was helpful and helped you understand the difference between carrier and career.