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Learn the various ways the word there can act in our language.
Word Function Example
there pronoun taking the place of ensuing noun There is a policy covering this matter. Theres a policy covering this matter. There are policies covering this matter. Therere policies covering this matter.
there adverb showing a place or location He walked there in just 35 minutes.
there a noun showing a point or place You’re on your own from there on.
their the possessive case of they They took their children to France.
theyre a contraction of they are Theyre in France with their children. Theyre there with their children. Theyre there with theirs.
So to fix this problem once and for all, just remember Amber and Igor sitting under the tree talking about the Joneses who took their children to France.
The Joneses (They) . . . . The Joneses are (They’re) . . . . The Joneses are there (They’re there) . . . . The Joneses are there with their children (They’re there with their children). They are there with their children. They’re there with theirs.
Meanwhile Amber and Igor remained beneath the tree. Wishing for a vacation one day, Amber sighed:

“We’re here with ours, and they’re there with theirs.”


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