Commercial and Literary Style of Writing

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You might be impressed by someone style of writing and say “I love the way he/she writes.” This statement refers to an author’s style of writing and for you to comment on someone’s writing style you must first know exactly what style of writing is.

Style of writing is actually a broad and non-tangible concept of English grammar and literature which depicts an author’s selection of words and formation of sentence which is independent of rules and regulations set by the language. For more information about writing style refer to my article Style of Writing.

In todays’ article, I will be discussing and differentiating between two styles of writing which are commercial and literary writing styles. Both of these writing styles are used in fiction writing.

Commercial Style

When the text or style of writing is plot driven i.e. the main intention of the author is to define and refine the plot and each character is built accordingly, the style is referred to as commercial style.

The main purpose of commercial styled fiction is entertainment of the readers and the writer makes it simple for readers to understand the plot.

Literary Fiction

When the text or style of writing is character driven i.e. the main intention of the author is to develop the role and characteristics of the characters of his text, it is referred to as literary fiction.

The priority of the author is the art form depicted through the style whereas the plot is kept a mystery for the reader to figure out on his own.