Conjunctions - Words That Join

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In this section, we’ll learn all about conjunctions. Great writers wisely and frequently use conjunctions to create parallel structures in their prose. And all great writers start sentences with conjunctions. After you read this section, you will too.

During one of the early meetings of the Grammar Committee, Miss Hamrick pointed out that members of the tribe needed a way to express more than one thing.

“They might have two things to say,” she astutely observed.

“Or three,” Igor responded.

After considerable study, the committee discovered the need for words that would join one sentence with another or one part of a sentence with another part or one word with another word. After rejecting the potential name of Sticky Words, the Grammar Committee settled on:
Conjunctions join words to words, phrases to phrases, or clauses to clauses. They come in three different varieties:

1. coordinating conjunctions 2. correlative conjunctions 3. subordinating conjunctions.


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