contemptible, contemptuous - vocabulary

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contemptible, contemptuous - adjective

Contemptible: Worthy of scorn or disdain, despicable.

Contemptuous: Showing or expressing contempt or disdain.

Note: One would be contemptuous of a contemptible act.
The story unfolds as Liberti's diary, an account by turns despairing, courageous, rawly sexual, bewildered and philosophical—at times wearily contemptuous of his comrades, at times movingly affectionate. It is, in other words, a convincing portrait of a small combat unit under great stress. It's also a compelling window on contemporary young Israel. Part of what engages the reader is the opportunity to learn the soldiers' slang and feel their struggle to subdue emotional experiences no young man should have to bear, like the loss of comrades.

—Tim Ruttan Book Review of Beaufort: A Novel by Ron Leshem Los Angeles Times, December 26, 2007
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