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cursory - adjective

Rapid and superficial, hasty without noticing details, not thorough.
"In India, there is the priestly caste . . . ," "The Arunta, an aboriginal tribe from central Australia . . . ," "In the tongue of the Piscataway Indians who first occupied Potomac Land. . . ." Of course, these cursory cultural excursions are merely tongue-in-cheek set-ups for the Potomac Land institutions that follow: the curious rituals (face time), rites of solidarity (fundraisers), fictive kinship (party affiliation), Kabuki theater (judicial confirmation hearings), purification rituals (the Gridiron Club) and shadow puppets (pundits), to name only a few.

—Robert Leopold Book Review of Homo Politicus by Dana Milbank Washington Post, January 6, 2008
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