Declarative Sentence

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English has a lot of different variations in it which are not known to everyone. Some basic English learners are not aware of so many different types of sentences and clauses that are found in the language.

Today I will be discussing one type of sentence that is declarative sentence.

Declarative Sentence

A sentence is called declarative if it is written in a straight forward manner and is existing in present tense. One important characteristic of a declarative sentence is that it states a fact.


She loves hanging out with strangers.

The above sentence is declarative because it is in present tense and states a fact about a person who likes to hang out with strangers. Also note that this sentence is a straight and simple sentence and not a complex sentence at all.

Another characteristic of declarative sentence is that it has the basic order of words in the sentence which is subject then verb and finally object.


She left the room.

In the above declarative sentence, the sentence has the basic order which is subject (she) followed by verb (left) and finally object (the room).