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demonstrable, demonstrative - adjective

Demonstrable: capable of being demonstrated by positive proof; clearly evident or obvious.
It is plain and demonstrable, that much ale is not good for Yankee, and operates differently upon them from what it does upon a Briton; ale must be drank in a fog and a drizzle.

—Herman Melville The Writings of Herman Melville (1969)
Demonstrative: characterized or given to open expression of one’s emotions or attitudes.
Whenever you pray, make sure you do it at school assemblies and football games, like the demonstrative creatures who pray before large television audiences. That is the real goal of the thing. But do not, I urge you, pray all alone in your home where no one can see. That does not get you ratings.

—Garry Wills Author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Lincoln at Gettysburg Baltimore Sun, November 22, 1994
Note: In grammar, a demonstrative pronoun or demonstrative adjective (this, that, these, those) indicates or singles out the thing referred to.

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