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deprecate - verb

To express disapproval of; to belittle.

Note: The word deprecate has come to mean depreciate (to belittle), though the words share no common origins. Rarely do we see her self-depreciating humor. Instead, it’s self-deprecating humor.
One of the running gags in "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" is that Albert Brooks—the director, screenwriter and star, as well as the main character—is best known around the world for his role in "Finding Nemo." Or as it is more frequently and humiliatingly put, for playing a talking fish in a cartoon.

Mr. Brooks likes to deprecate both himself and the work for hire he does in Hollywood, but the difference between "Nemo" and his own films may not be as great as he pretends.

—A. O. Scott “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World” New York Times, January 20, 2006
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