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Understanding the Parts of Speech  (265 pages) Thoroughly discusses nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Click here. $ 9.95
Common Grammatical Mistakes (73 pages) Learn about 13 common grammatical mistakes, including subject-verb disagreement, your vs. you’re, affect vs. effect, principle vs. principalbring vs. take, and others. Click here. $ 5.95
Developing a Powerful Writing Style (115 pages) This content does not appear on Learn how to develop a powerful writing style with verb-based prose, subordinated structures, the art of parallel structure, and more. Click here. $ 7.95
Rules on Punctuation (53 pages) Learn the rules on the proper use of periods, commas, semicolons, dashes, hyphens, quotation marks, and more. Click here. $ 3.95
Combined eBook (all four above) (over 500 pages) Get all four eBooks described above. $ 15.95 ($27.8 value)
Egg on Your Face - The Top 25 Grammatical Mistakes (116 pages) This eBook explores the most prevalent grammatical mistakes. Click here for a list. Click here. $ 7.95
The Awful Like Word (free, no charge) We invite you to download Ed Good’s tirade against the like word. We urge you to send it to all your contacts. Click here. Free!
Build Your Vocabulary (211 pages) (406 vocab words) This eBook defines more than 400 words smart people should know. Contains excerpts from literature and the media. Click here. $ 9.95
GrammaRight - Clickable Help for Writers Click here for a description of this downloadable series of HTML Help files. Click here. And here. $ 9.95