Factual or Opinionated Style of Writing

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When we talk about the style of writing, we may be confused about what it really is or what a person is actually referring to when saying style of writing?

Style of writing or writing style is an author’s trademark which gives him a sense of identity among his readers. A style of writing of a specific author is the type of words he/she chooses and the way they form a sentence using those words. This is referred to as style of writing and it totally depends on the preference of the author.

There exist numerous writing styles from which newbie authors can choose from when deciding to write a piece. This will help them in figuring out a proper and adequate style of his/her own in the long run.

Among many writing styles available, I, today, will be discussing factual and opinionated styles.

Factual Style

A style of writing which is based on facts and figures about anything that an author writes is referred to as factual style. It is said that the author is less passionate while writing statements based on facts and figures but it is not always true.

A common example of factual writing style is that of newspaper headlines in which the journalist lists the facts and figures about the accident.

Opinionated Style

A style of writing which is based on the opinions and thoughts of the writer are referred to as opinionated style of writing. It is said that the author is more passionate while penning down his own opinion than he is while writing facts.

A common example of opinionated style of writing is that of columns in a newspaper. The columnist/author is free to express his own views with regards to the facts and figures and write what he feels from his heart.

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