Finite Verb

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Among many different forms of verbs, finite verbs is one of the less known. You may or may not be aware of it but it is a very integral part of the English grammar.

Today I will discuss finite verb in detail.

Finite Verb:

A verb that demonstrates or shows tense is called a finite verb.


She painted the walls.

In the above example, painted is the finite verb because it is showing the tense of the verb to be past indefinite.

Now consider this example;

She drew on the painted walls.

In the above sentence, drew is the finite verb as it is the one that is showing tense. Painted on the other hand is acting as the adjective describing the walls. This type of verb is known as verbal and is non-finite.

Non Finite Verb:

When a verb is used as an adjective and does not show the tense it is called non-finite verb.


They were having baked potatoes.

In the above sentence, baked is the non-finite as it is the adjective whereas were having is the finite verb as it shows the tense of the sentence.

Finite Clause:

When a clause contains a finite verb in it, it is called a finite clause.


They were having baked potatoes.