Genitive Case

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Among many other cases in English grammar, there exists genitive case. It is a case which is related to the possession of things.

I will talk about genitive case in detail.

Genitive Case:

When a noun or any other element of English grammar is to show its possession to someone or something, it is defined as the genitive case.

For nouns, genitive case is represented by ‘s after the noun or of before the name of the possessor.


Boy’s sweater was weary.

The above sentence is an example of genitive case as the sweater is the possession of the boy.

Now consider this;

The sweater of the boy was weary.

Again, this is the example of genitive case because of the belonging of sweater to the boy.

In English, genitive case is also defined by the term possessive case.

Possessive Pronouns:

In order to show possession, some pronouns are used.


His, her, our, your.

Her carpet was ruined.

Her in the above example is the possessive pronoun.