Grammatical Head

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There’s a head on top of your body and then there is a head of a language and its grammar. Today I will discuss about grammatical head of English language.


As head is the most important part of the whole body, likewise, grammatical head is the most important word of a phrase or clause. A word on which the rest of the words of a phrase depend upon is called head.


The girl in big boots

The above phrase has the noun head girl as all the other words depend on the head and are related to the girl.

Pre and Post Head

All the words that occur before the head of the phrase are called pre-head, whereas, all the words coming after the head are termed as post-head.


His long hair stands out.

In the above sentence hair is the head of the sentence as it is the main thing and the rest of the words are either describing it or related to it. The words his and long are occurring before head (hair) so they are called pre-head. The words stands and out are coming after the head so they are called post-head.