How to Stay Motivated to Finish a Book

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How to start writing a book? How to stay motivated while writing a book? How to stay motivated to finish something that can turn into a long and complicated process?

As with any creative endeavor, when you write a book - whether it is a novel you are dreaming about, a publishing or a popular science volume, there must be both practical and emotional ups and downs.

The trick is not to let “fall” stop you from moving the manuscript forward. If you are worried about your writing skills, don’t let this stop you. We grow our skills through the act of writing and revising.

Anything that tends to block you when you feel that you are in a book development or decline in the writing process needs to be overcome. That is why we’ve gathered some tips that will help you start moving ahead and help you go to the finish line and complete your manuscript.

Determine the cause of the problem

Such a stupor occurs in many people, and even came up with a name for it - "Writing block". This syndrome is caused by one of three reasons:

       you do not know what to write about further;

       there is no inspiration;

       you are not satisfied with what was written and want to destroy everything.

If you do not know what to write about, it is useful to sit down and write down the main story from beginning to end.

That is how experts from essay writing service deal with this syndrome. First of all, sketch the main core of the story with no details, indicating only the key events of each chapter, try writing an abstract.

For example Chapter One: 1) Maria learns about her husband's betrayal; 2) She takes divorce and moves to a new apartment; 3) Maria first meets Ken.

Keep up the good work until you write down the final events of the book. Next, you need to add about one paragraph of parts for each chapter. Having finished the sketch of the work, you will be able to refer to it at any time.

Lack of inspiration and boredom can be caused by the fact that you are too familiar with the plot

You know all the turns and nuances of events in such detail that they no longer concern you. This problem is solved very simply. Take a short break in writing work - from a few weeks to several months. During this period, do not even think about your book. Imagine that it does not exist. After the break, take the book and reread it. Now everything will seem new and fascinating. The plot will capture you just as at the beginning of the writing work.

If you are stuck in one place only because it seems to you to be performed insufficiently professionally, stop editing this piece

Go to the next part and complete the book. Later you can go back to the problematic passage and refine it. This approach will save you a lot of time - sometimes it takes more time to write one chapter than the rest of the text. Moreover, it is alright to have problems with writing and there is no need to worry about it. Just keep in mind that you can always look for professional write my custom paper service.

You need solid concentration

Say to yourself - “I will finish this book.” And concentrate completely. If a new one comes in - do not start: quickly write down the results and leave it in reserve. If a new idea is small, then either write a story or - which is more useful - build into the plot. Yes, here is the "fresh breeze." And each time, when it pulls, you can write or dream, work through the story. Stubbornly keep her handy - very important, in any mood and any situation.

There is, of course, such an option and a dark side: the story captures to obsession, making it difficult to live. But - the sooner you want to get rid of it, the sooner you'll finish it.

And also observe the world around, it often throws up stories and plots, you just need to catch them. Keep a small notebook or smartphone ready to capture thoughts, observations, ideas that have visited you. If you record everything that is happening around you, very soon you will gather material for several books.

We are sure that inspired you to get motivated to finish writing a book finally. Good luck and remember that the world is looking forward to your masterpiece!