Idioms that are a piece of cake…

  ramyashankar  —  Grammar Tips

1. On Cloud nine – when you are extremely happy.

·         She is on cloud nine since morning, as she got selected for the job.

·         The proud parents were on cloud nine when they heard about their daughter’s achievements.

2. Don’t cry over spilt milk – don’t brood over something that is not in your control.

·         You should have checked the answer paper thoroughly before submitting. Now that you have left 2 questions unanswered, don’t cry over spilt milk!

·         There is no use crying over spilt milk. You should have thought of the consequences before fighting with him.

3. Cash cow – something that can generate lot of steady income

·         The new book is going to be a cash cow.

·         The sales division is the cash cow for our company.

4. Ball is in your court – the next decision or step is for you to take

·         I have signed the papers. The ball is now in your court.

·         I am interested to invest as long as you give me 60% profit share. The ball is in your court now.

5. Best of both the worlds – having all possible benefits from a situation

·         Living in a gated villa is like best of both worlds, you get an individual house but there is no need to worry about maintenance.

·         I can enjoy best of both worlds if I live in a hostel.

6. To make ends meet – to earn just enough for survival.

·         We both work all day to make our ends meet.

·         In the beginning, he did odd jobs like door to door newspaper delivery and selling tea to make his ends meet.

7. Spill the beans – to reveal a secret

·         Don’t spill the beans about her birthday party yet. Let it be a surprise.

·         She spilled the beans about her friends’ past life to her mother.

8. Piece of cake – task that’s very easy

·         Convincing her to come for the movie is a piece of cake.

·         Launching a rocket is not a piece of cake.

9. Taste of one’s own medicine – when someone receives the same bad treatment as they have given to others

·         She duped several people and now she is bankrupt. She got the taste of her own medicine!

·         Don’t play around with anyone’s emotions. Someday, god will give you the taste of your own medicine.

10. Blessing in disguise – events that seem bad but turn out to be good later

·         My daughter did not get a seat in that college even after trying hard. We realised it was a blessing in disguise, as the government cancelled their license in the same year!

·         We missed our flight by minutes. It was a blessing in disguise, as the flight had to make an emergency landing because of some technical issues.

There are many more idioms in English that can help you speak like a native user. Do try to use these in your daily life and let us know how many you could!