impute - vocabulary

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To ascribe or attribute, as in She imputed special powers to the new software program.
Kings are much to be pitied, who, misled by weak ministers, and deceived by wicked favourites, run into political errors, which involve their families in ruin: and it might prove some solace to his present majesty, when, fallen from the head of the greatest empire the world has seen, he shall again exhibit in the political system of Europe the original character of a petty king of Britain, could he impute his fall to error alone. Error is to be pitied and pardoned: it is the weakness of human nature. But vice is a foul blemish, not pardonable in any character.

—Thomas Jefferson “Refutation of the Argument that the Colonies Were Established at the Expense of the British Nation” (1775) The Papers of Thomas Jefferson (1950)