Main Verbs - Four Kinds

  edgood  —  Grammar Tips
We can first divide all main verbs into two broad categories: action verbs and no-action verbs. Thousands reside in the action-verb group, only a handful in the no-action group. Each of these groups further subdivides into two additional groups:

Action Verbs

1. Transitive Action Verbs

2. Intransitive Action Verbs

No-Action Verbs

3. The Verb To Be

4. Linking Verbs

Before you can ever claim membership in The Writers’ Club, you must become adept at identifying these four types of verbs. Your profiting from much of the remainder of these discussions, especially the eBook on Developing a Powerful Writing Style, will depend on your mastering the grammatical concepts associated with the verb form. So put away your spit wads and pay attention. Oh my goodness, I am Miss Hamrick!

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