myself, himself, yourself, herself, ourself, ourselves

  edgood  —  Grammar Tips
The section on the Parts of Speech has a thorough discussion of “reflexive and intensive pronouns,” that is, the -self words. Click here for the beginning of that discussion.

Many people incorrectly use myself and substitute it for I or me. First, never use myself as the subject of a sentence. Thus, the following is incorrect:
Susan and myself appreciate your hard work on this project.
This should read:
Susan and I appreciate your hard work on this project.
Second, restrict your use of myself to those sentences where the subject and the object are the same. Thus, the following is correct:
When I hurt myself playing football, I thought I would never recover.
Third, you may use myself as an “intensive pronoun” to emphasize that you did it, not someone else. The following is correct:
I completed the project myself.
Fourth, watch out for the temptation to use myself as the object of a preposition. Remember, if someone else populates the sentence, use of the ‑self is usually incorrect. The following is incorrect:
Please send the report to Susanand myself.
This should read:
Please send the report to Susan and me.