Noun Functions 1-6 - Dependent Nouns

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Noun Functions - Dependent on Verbs and Prepositions

A noun has a hard time jumping up on the back of a sentence without some help. It turns to the verb for its first five functions, to the preposition for its sixth. Its remaining functions do show some independence, for you can wad up a noun, throw it at your sentence, and have it stick all by itself—without the help of a verb or preposition.

But take this notion away with you now:
Nouns primarily need verbs to exist in a sentence.
Take the verb away, and the noun disappears as well.

And consider this: If writers don’t use many verbs or verbal phrases, how else can they get nouns to stick on their sentences? Check out Function 6 above: object of the preposition.

In the Grammar eBook Developing a Powerful Writing Style, you’ll read about “Word War I, Verbs vs. Nouns.” And there you’ll learn about the Preposition Parade. If you don’t use verbs, you must use lots of prepositions.

So stay with me. I’m trying to build your knowledge so that you can then engage in an analysis of a powerful writing style. To understand it, you must know all about nouns.

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