Prepositional Phrase - Two Parts

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The prepositional phrase consists of two major parts:

1. the preposition 2. the object of the preposition

The object is the noun (or pronoun) attached to the sentence by the preposition. That noun might be a true noun, a noun phrase, or a noun clause. The entire unit then acts in two major ways:

1. as an adjective 2. as an adverb

Let’s look at various types of prepositional phrases. Note especially that various noun forms can serve as the object of the preposition:
Preposition Object Type of Noun Example and Function of Prepositional Phrase
under the table true noun The book under the table belongs to Juan. (adjective prepositional phrase modifying book)
of winning with class -ing verb phrase (gerund) He is the model of winning with class. (adjective prepositional phrase modifying model)
of whether this case   applies noun clause The question of whether this case applies troubled the court. (adjective prepositional phrase modifying question)
because of his diligence true noun Because of his diligence, he won the debate. (adverbial prepositional phrase modifying won)
according to scientific principles true noun He conducted the experiment according to scientific principles. (adverbial prepositional phrase modifying conducted)

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