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Punctuation is the basic element of English grammar and without it a sentence is not only incomplete but also insensible. There are various marks of punctuation that are used in sentences to give them more meaning and make it easier for the reader to understand. If we omit these punctuation marks from a sentence we will be left hanging. Also, without a punctuation mark a sentence can have various meanings and the reader might assume the meaning the writer is not conveying.

Today I will talk about one common punctuation mark called quotation mark and its usage in English language.


The punctuation mark quotation mark is represented by two sets of inverted commas hanging in the air and appears as “...”

Quotation marks:

The punctuation quotation marks are used in English language to quote direct word of someone. If you are to use the exact words of someone in your writing, you should enclose them in inverted commas.


Sara explained, “the pizza is stale.”

If you don’t want to use the quotation marks then you have to make some changes and make the sentence passive like:

Sara explained to the group that the pizza was stale.

In addition to this, quotation marks are also used to emphasis titles of different works like books or magazines etc.


“Forty Rules of Love” is written by Elif Shafak.

“Vogue” is my favorite magazine.

When quoting quotes within quotes, single quotation marks are used.


Sara said, “I don’t like ‘CNN News’ at all.”

Note that the CNN News title of a news channel is inside single quotation marks because it is a quote within quote.



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