Ram vs. RAM

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Ram vs. RAM

Practically, they are spelled with exactly the same letters. Obviously, they are both written and pronounced identically. So what distinguishes one from the other? And how can one actually explain how the same word, written with capital letters, gets a completely different meaning? It's actually a simple thing here, and once you see it, it will get even easier to remember.

"RAM" written correctly is R.A.M. so it is in fact, an abbreviation. Generally, when sets of words are abbreviated, they usually contract to the initial letter and are capitalized. The newly-formed word may or may not use dots between the letters as language develops, certain abbreviations are so undeniably recognisable that the separating periods are dropped in casual writing. This is exactly the case with "RAM". So to sum it up, "RAM" is not actually a word itself, but the abbreviation of three other words.

"Ram", on the other hand, is a common word itself. The fact that the two words share exactly the same letters, written in the exact same order, remains nothing but a coincidence. This is also why confusion is often created. But really, "Ram" and "RAM" are not linked to one another in any way.

When do we use "Ram"?

A word in and of itself, "ram" can be used as either a verb or as a noun. As a verb, the word defines the action of hitting something, or pushing something into something else, usually with significant force. As a noun, it is another word completely, meaning a male sheep. Check out the examples below to get a better understanding of how "ram" is correctly used in everyday phrases.

Example 1: If you stop suddenly, another car may ram into you without any warning. - used as a verb, "ram" refers to the action made by a car pushing into another car suddenly, with great force.

Example 2: They bought another 2 rams to enlarge their herd. - "ram" can also be used as a noun that defines the male sheep.

When do we use "RAM"?

"RAM" is the abbreviation for ‘Random Access Memory’. The word stands as a noun and refers to the ability of a computer to store information immediately.

Example: I can't tell you exactly how much RAM Windows usually uses; it really depends on a number of different factors.  - "RAM" is the abbreviation for Random Access Memory, referring to the ability of a computer to immediately store information.


Even though "Ram" and "RAM" might have been confusing in the beginning, it's hard to forget the explanation once you know it. It's really easy to remember that "RAM" is only an abbreviation, referring to some technical ability of a computer, whereas "ram" is a word itself, with its own different meanings. Distinguishing these words isn't such a burden anymore, is it?

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