Vertical, Enumerated Lists

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Periods Following Numbers

Periods also show up after the numerals in an enumerated vertical list. Look at this example:
His favorite movies included: 1. The Fight Club 2. To Kill a Mockingbird 3. Aliens
You could also use letters to show the enumeration:
His favorite movies included:

a. The Fight Club b. To Kill a Mockingbird c. Aliens
Punctuating the List

Notice that you do not include periods after the items on the list and you do not include a period after the last item on the list to show the end of the grammatical sentence. You would only include periods in the list if (1) one or more of the items are a complete sentence or (2) the items on the list are separated by commas or semicolons, in which case a period ends the final item on the list. Look at this example:
The committee found: 1. that the employee had committed fraud, 2. that the supervisor had assisted in that fraud, and 3. that both would be terminated.

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