waive - vocabulary

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To relinquish, especially temporarily, as a right or claim; to refrain from claiming or insisting on; to put aside for a time, postpone, defer. In law, to relinquish a known right.
"Well, even granting that, I don't think health has anything to do with goodness; of course, it's valuable to a great saint to be able to stand enormous strains, but this fad of popular preachers rising on their toes in simulated virility, bellowing that calisthenics will save the world—no, Burne, I can't go that."

"Well, let's waive it—we won't get anywhere, and besides I haven't quite made up my mind about it myself. Now, here's something I do know—personal appearance has a lot to do with it."

—F. Scott Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise (1920)

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