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Peal vs. Peel
"Peal" and "peel" may sound almost the same. This, for a non-native English user, might be confusing. If you find yourself wondering which spelling is correct for your context, or aim to understand w…
Mold vs. Mole
Even though "mold" and "mole" may look almost identically for the simple reason of coincidence, they refer to completely different things that we are going to discuss right away! Keep reading for som…
Chapter 12 - “Bring” vs. “Take"
“Bring along this advice when you go to work.”
I wish the writers of the Seinfeld series paid attention to the differences between bring and take. For hundreds of episodes, they r…
astringent - vocabulary
astringent - noun A substance that contracts canals or tissues in the body; in cosmetics, a substance that cleans the skin and constricts the pores.
Harsh in disposit…
Pour vs. Pour
Take a look at the above two sentences. One of them is not correct. Can you identify which one? Pore and pour are homophones which means that they both rhyme with each other but their meanings and s…
anachronism - vocabulary
anachronism - noun Anything or anyone not in the correct historical or chronological time; an error in the assignment of a date or time to a person, thing, or event, as in To describ…
castigate - vocabulary
castigate - verb To criticize harshly; to punish for the purpose of correcting; to reprimand severely. How can you support a policy of racial preferences and then attack one of its s…
denizen - vocabulary
denizen - noun Inhabitant or resident; one who frequently inhabits a place, as in the denizens of the local pub. A tanned skin is something more than respectable, and perhaps olive is a fitter color …
ennoble - vocabulary
To dignify, to elevate in degree or respect; to exalt; to confer nobility upon. [S]uffering does not ennoble. It destroys. To resist destruction, self-hatred, or lifelong hop…
predilection - vocabulary
A tendency or inclination to think favorably about something, a preference, as in a predilection for Mozart. The parrot holds its food for prim consumption as daintily as any debutante, [with…
Ageing vs. Aging
Ageing vs. Aging
Conversion is one of the most important methods of word formation in English. The English vocabulary has obtained plenty of new nouns and adjectives using conversion from verbs, f…
Base vs. Bass
Even though they are correctly pronounced differently, the fact that “base” and “bass” have quite similar spellings often determines some English users to pronounce them almost identically and, conse…
Translucent vs. Opaque
If you can see through something, is it opaque, translucent, or transparent? Two of these words might fit, depending on how clearly you can see through the object, but the other word is definitely no…
Emu vs. Emulsion
Emu An emu is a large, flightless bird native to Australia. It is the second-largest bird in the world and is closely related to the ostrich. Emus are known for their long necks and legs, and they ar…
Fair vs. Fare #2
Are these two words similar to the "mold vs. mould" scenario?  The same definition spelled differently in UK and US English? Or are there more notable aspects to learn about "fair vs. fare"? Rea…

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