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I would agree, and it looks syntactically better.

Thank you for the reply!

11 months ago

I have a question about the second case in this article:

"Case 2

Look at the below sentence –

· My friend John, who is a better painter than me, can do the walls for your home.

Here the comma is not essential because the clause beginning with who, does not identify John. Note that even without the clause ‘who is a better painter than me’, the sentence is grammatically correct and conveys the message."

Would the commas around the clause that starts with "who" be actually essential, as opposed to non-essential? As I understand this clause should be separated by commas, as it provides additional information about the subject of the sentence.

If the author mentioned that the commas are not essential, then why were they left in the example?

Unless I'm misunderstanding the terms "essential" and "non-essential," there's a little bit of confusion here.


11 months ago


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