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I have been writing poetry since I was18 (42 years now). Having studied Modern English Literature at the University of Amsterdam, I basically write in English about trying to find myself and finding my way in the world, due to my  parents' difficult divorce and subsequent remarriages, I was having a hard time finding my identity. I met my wife in Amsterdam at University during classes (she also did English lit there), and we got married almost straightaway while still students in 1987. In 2017 I found out that I have had to deal with Vanished Twin Syndrome all my life, instead of merely being a misfit. Also it appeared, that I had been living with a problem in my stomach After a third, serious gastric bleeding the problem was surgically removed. Since then, I feel so liberated that I suddenly started to get real results in writing poetry. I have published a little book of poems in Dutch in October 2019 and am publishing new work on a Dutch website ( and work in english  on CosmoFunnel all the time now.

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I write in the hope that my writing helps other people, I wish to share what I have learned in life

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