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This is a frequently misunderstood one. Many people, especially online, chronically write "I haven't seen him in awhile" or "It's been awhile since we went to Italy," etc. My understanding is that awhile is ALWAYS an adverb and can never be preceded by "for, in," etc. 

1 year ago

This is a great topic, by the way.

Something I hear with great regularity is when a person is the object of a verb or preposition along with another individual and uses "I" when the correct word is "me." For example: "My daughter bought tickets to the theater for my wife and I." Or "Our neighbors came to the movies with my wife and I." No one would ever say "the tickets are for I" or "Do you want to come with I to the movies?" Somehow, somewhere a lot of people in our society heard "me" as being wrong and are now correcting a mistake that doesn't exist. Like many grammar related issues, this one gets on my nerves! Or maybe I should say "gets on I's nerves," LOL. 

1 year ago

Mmm, sometimes. I would agree that being hard and fast about the rules can get you in trouble, but the counterargument is that going along with the crowd when the crowd is wrong, is also a bad idea.

1 year ago


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