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Why is Learning Foreign Languages Exciting?

At school, we learn a foreign language for several years, in most cases, because of the academic program. For our age and brief life experience, we underestimate the importance of knowing a different language and speaking fluently in it. Following gr...

2 months ago

Rules For Using Single Quotation Marks

When it comes to punctuation rules, even the most experienced writers have hesitations. These rules are vague. So, if you found yourself doubting whether you need that quotation mark and which one should go there, read the following recommendations. ...

3 months ago

The Most Difficult Words to Spell in English

And, then come those complex words that don’t even enter our tongue, leave alone learning or using them. But why are those words there? • For most English language exams, knowledge of these words can help you score easily &b...

8 months ago

How Many Words Does an Average Person Know?

According to, a research done on vocabulary size and auditory syllable recognition am...

9 months ago

A short guide to improving your grammar and increase your vocabulary in a month

Working with ...

11 months ago

5 Educational Websites for Foreign Students to Make Fast Progress in Studies

It’s possible to find a lot of helpful educational services that function online. They offer various learning options and kinds of help. If you find good educational websites for foreign students, you can solve your greatest troubles. Top 5 useful ...

1 year ago

Tips for Teaching Grammar to ESL Students

10 Great Tips for ESL Students Needless to say, for ESL students it can be difficult to learn all the grammar rules to write correctly. In this short article, we are going to provide you with some hints from famous tutors to...

1 year ago

5 Ways to Overcome Grammar Issues

Why Literacy MattersThere are two basic reasons why you should work on your literacy and constantly improve it.1. The Increased Likelihood of Getting Low Marks for Written TasksProfessors do not like illitera...

1 year ago

3 Basic Grammar Rules for Academic Writing

Rule #1. Use Proper PunctuationWe assume that you already know the basic rule that you should write complete sentences that have subjects and verbs, and ensure that you start each new sentence with a capital letter. Apart from that, using a...

1 year ago

Difference Between Proofreading and Copyediting

No matter what type of writing you are working on, you will sooner or later face the need for proofreading and editing your piece since these are important stages of the entire writing process. Therefore, any author has to learn the difference betwee...

1 year ago

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