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The verb 'to be' is an exception, in that it does not have an object but a predicate nominative instead. The reason is that if "X is Y", then also "Y is X". Hence X and Y have an equal status and both are nominative. 

9 months ago

I get cracks in the enamel of my teeth whenever I listen to Michael Jackson's (otherwise great) song Thriller: "Now is the time, for you and I to cuddle close together.". You'd think someone in their team would have spotted this. But then again, perhaps they have stronger teeth. 

9 months ago

In this case you leave out the explicit verb 'to be'. This is called an
ellipsis ('omission') and happens especially often (but not
exclusively) with the verb to be. Here, the full text would be 'My
brother and I *are* looking cute', and without your brother 'I (am)
looking cute'. Clearly 'Me am looking cute' is wrong, so 'I' is correct

9 months ago


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